Weedcraft Inc

Marijuana empire builder Weedcraft Inc gets an April release date on PC

Devolver Digital has announced that Weedcraft Inc, developer Vile Monarch's intriguing marijuana-themed tycoon game, will launch on PC on April 11th.

The core of Weedcraft Inc, as Devolver explained last year, challenges players to consider both the cultivation and business sides of running a successful cannabis operation. As part of the former, you'll need to select strains of weed and fiddle with different parameters - such as growing environment and soil nutrients - for optimal product quality and maximum yield. The latter, meanwhile, is all about the external factors, expanding the business, growing your customer base, and selling the goods to bring in the cash.

Then you'll need to shape the kind of business you want to be - either operating on the right side of the law, as a licensed distributor of medical marijuana, or as an illegal, under-the-radar operation (and even then, you can still be morally decent, rather than shady), with your choices influencing how you'll need to deal with law enforcement, politicians and policies, and more.

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