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Watch Dogs 2 certainly isn't shy when it comes to Easter eggs. You can spot them in its mission titles, in the character dialogue and even squirreled away in the background scenery. The sheer quantity of cheeky references in this game is truly impressive so, for one last time, I've invited my kale-loving alter-ego Ian Hipster to show off eleven of his favourites.

The speculative fiction of videogames is generally no more capable of predicting the future than horoscopes or US election polls. Occasionally, though, a game predicts future events with the spooky foresight that would have gotten you burned as a witch in the 16th century.

VideoWatch: Five ways Watch Dogs 2 connects to Watch Dogs 1

Now you'll never have to hack your way through the original.

Despite all the excitement that built up before its release, I think it's fair to say that Watch Dogs was a bit of a disappointment. What once seemed like such a promising game was marred by dull gameplay, an unlikable protagonist and some underwhelming hacking mechanics.

Hacking cars and 3D-printing weapons in 30 minutes of Watch Dogs 2 gameplay

I wasn't a fan of the original Watch Dogs. I was super excited for it when it was announced but, like many other people, upon playing it I found it rather dull and I lost interest pretty quickly.

Thankfully, Watch Dogs 2 has learnt a lot of lessons from its predecessor and after spending a couple of hours exploring the streets of virtual San Francisco, I came away feeling pretty positive about the whole experience.

Ubisoft has poured masses of personality into the game this time round, not just into the colourful streets of its open world but also the campaign and side missions which are far more varied and imaginative than the ones from the first.

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