Watch Dogs 2 Guides

Watch Dogs 2 unique vehicle locations - where to find Mountain King, The Dangerzone, Danger Mobile and more

Where to find some of the more interesting vehicles hidden away in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 - Driver SF app explained and where to start each taxi mission

Looking to ferry people around San Francisco? Try one of these.

Watch Dogs 2 - ScoutX locations list and rewards for taking selfies near San Francisco attractions

Watch Dogs 2 ditches collectibles for selfies - and rewards you with more poses.

Watch Dogs 2 races - how to enter eKart, sailboat, motocross and drone races and win them

How to unlock and succeed in Watch Dogs 2's many race events.

Watch Dogs 2 Gnome outfit - How to start the hidden Gnome quest and find all 10 Gnome collectible locations

How to dress up Marcus as a cute gnome by finding some rather secretive collectibles.

Watch Dogs 2 - Key Data locations and puzzle solutions to unlock all Research abilities

How to locate and collect every piece of Key Data, and the abilities and items you need to reach them.

Watch Dogs 2 - How to make money and save up to unlock the Quadcopter

How to make a quick buck, whether by stealing or through an honest living.

Watch Dogs 2 - How to get more Followers, level up and earn Research points

The many ways to increase your all-imporant social media standing in missions to open-world activities.

Watch Dogs 2 walkthrough: Guide and tips to everything you can do in the open-world sequel

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft's hackathon.