Wasteland 2 News

Oh my RPG, Microsoft is buying Obsidian Entertainment and inXile

"To fully realise their creative ambitions."

InXile teases Wasteland 2 on Nintendo Switch

It's got a whole Ranger games now.

Wasteland 2 Director's Cut video showcases improvements

The renamed GOTY Edition for PC and consoles "late summer".

inXile saving Van Buren trademark for a rainy day

Black Isle's Fallout 3 codename not dead and buried.

Wasteland 2, Shovel Knight announced for Xbox One

UPDATE: Wasteland 2 also coming to PS4.

Wasteland 2 breaks $1.5m revenue in four days

Not sales - PR issues correction and apology.

Wasteland 2 release date set for next month

"The 20+ year wait is soon over."

Wasteland 2 likely out in September

As new update paves the way for launch.

Torment: Tides of Numenera delayed to Q4 2015

Roughly a year longer than originally planned.

Wasteland 2 confirmed for August release

The beta's new update roughly doubles the game's size.

Wasteland 2's Brian Fargo: Valve "the saviour of the PC"

Expects further refinement of Steam Early Access.

Wasteland 2 beta update goes live next week

Two new screenshots released.

Wasteland 2 dev promises to improve game's combat

InXile returns to work and 8000 player suggestions.

The Wasteland 2 beta is here

Now for backers, soon for Steam Early Access.

Two new Wasteland 2 screenshots released as beta nears

Won't be available for at least a few weeks.

Vlambeer's Wasteland Kings renamed as Nuclear Throne

After inXile worried people would think it was part of Wasteland franchise.

Wasteland 2 will miss its estimated October release

But the beta will still be out then.

Deep Silver to publish crowdfunded Wasteland 2

inXile still retains creative control, while Deep Silver handles distribution.

New Wastleland 2 video shows off... inventory screen

Lists! Grids! Weapons! Armour! Favourites! Images! More!

What a year Kickstarter had in 2012

How many game ideas do you think were pitched?

Black Isle returns with odd crowdfunding pitch for post-apocalyptic strategy RPG

Pay for a proof of concept and to convince management to resurrect the studio.

First Wasteland 2 footage emerges

Features adjustable camera, gun waving.

Eurogamer chats with newest Wasteland 2 recruit: Planescape: Torment's Colin McComb

"I don't think I can do justice to my feelings without slipping into purely joyful profanity."

Wasteland 2 early screenshot released

inXile calls for feedback.

EA to waive Origin distribution fees for all Kickstarter games

New initiative to lure crowd-funded indie projects.

First Wasteland 2 concept art revealed

Fallout New Vegas dev confirmed to help make game.

Obsidian lined up to co-develop Wasteland 2

But only if Fargo can raise another $500K on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter thanks Double Fine for massive bump in business

It seems old-school adventure game fans are a generous bunch.

Brian Fargo rips into destructive publisher/developer relationships

Former Interplay boss sticks up for Obsidian over New Vegas bonus.