Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning


Former Mythic boss eulogises the fallen Warhammer studio

"I will always remain incredibly proud of them all."

The character ageing system Warhammer Online nearly had

And how Camelot Unchained will reinvent it.

Warhammer Online is gone forever - or is it?

One ex-Mythic dev knows a way to preserve the MMO, but will EA listen?

Warhammer Online will shut down this December

When Mythic's licensing contract expires.

BioWare Mythic renames itself Mythic again

"In the wake of a new focus."

BioWare Mythic: "the key" to next-gen console success will be migrating community

"The company that does that the best will be the most successful."

Why subs-based MMOs have a future

Mythic founder senses shift away from F2P.

Former Mythic boss explains EA split

Mark Jacobs talks past, present and future.

Warhammer Online servers closing

Free char transfers off doomed worlds.

BioWare leak row gathers pace

Insider calls out EA mole, drops F-bombs.

Laid-off EA dev: Old Republic "is a joke"

David Jaffe responds: stop whining.

EA: Warhammer Online is "profitable"

We're not giving up, says BioWare Mythic.

Feature | The case for WAR

BioWare Mythic on Warhammer, Real ID and the future.

BioWare Mythic hates Real ID

"No. Never. Never. No."

BioWare takes WAR servers from GOA

European service temporarily suspended.

Mythic becomes BioWare Mythic

Assimilation is complete.

Warhammer Online players overcharged

Error results in subs fees of $300 and up.

Warhammer Online client made free

Upgrade from trial by paying sub.

Mythic "committed" despite layoffs

Ultima, DAOC and WAR are safe, it says.

WAR's free trial goes endless

Play up to level 10 with no limits.

WAR revamping early levels

Also adding buddy system.

Mac version of WAR gets release date

Get it next month for less than 20 "bucks".

Mythic shares biggest mistakes with WAR

Too easy, not social enough, poor economy.

Special events planned for WAR birthday

XP bonus, new dungeon, unique items etc.

Warhammer Online coming to Mac

Beta version now, release in autumn.

BioWare: Mythic will help Star Wars MMO

"Oh yeah, without a doubt," says Zeschuk.

Mythic focusing on RvR, Tier 4 endgame

September anniversary next milestone.

EA merges Mythic and BioWare

Muzyka boss, Mark Jacobs departs.

WAR opens the Land of the Dead

Early access for live event victors.

Final WAR Call to Arms event dated

Rise of the Tomb Kings next week.

WAR: The Land of the Dead

Mummy wouldn't like these screens.

Recruit WAR players, get free stuff

Like a month's free play or Rod of Service.

WAR Beyond the Sands event begins

Glory, titles, equipment up for grabs.

World first complete city capture in WAR

Euro Destruction faction downs the King.

Warhammer Online closing 63 servers

Final round of transfers today.

WAR patch 1.2 goes live next week

It's getting a price cut in Europe, too.

Roper warns against writing off WAR

Problem is expectations, says Cryptic man.

WAR's patch 1.2 previewed

New careers, zone domination, bug fixes.

Mythic details WAR's Land of the Dead

Level 25 up, live events, loot and more.

Mythic "super proud" of WAR subs

Fall was "expected", numbers growing again.

Live Warhammer Online interview

Mythic talks expansions, changes and more.

More job losses at Mythic Entertainment

WAR developer feels the EA cuts deepen.

Warhammer Online has 300k subscribers

EA's financials reveal slow-but-steady start.

GOA unveils enormous WAR update

New classes, dungeon, battleground.

Mythic hints at WAR's Orc Choppa

New career teased with Governator prank.

WAR factions balanced, says Mythic

We're not all bad guys any more.

EA job cuts rumoured at Mythic

WAR developer next to suffer?

Mythic hints at WAR Dwarf Slayer

Also, Zone Domination on the way.

Mythic speeds up WAR levelling

Christmas XP bonus for all players.

Feature | Warhammer Online: the new classes

Meet the reinforcements new to the WAR effort.

Warhammer Online gets first big update

US servers now, EU tomorrow morning.

Mythic hasn't started WAR expansion

Focusing on live game, says Jacobs.

Warhammer Online adds new careers

Early access now, everyone else next week.

Mythic "resolving" sketchy WAR servers

Large scale, final tier battles cause trouble.

Feature | WAR: Stories from the city

Why the MMO's overlooked capitals are its heart.

Players question WAR systems

Is "contribution" merely random?

WAR heralds new classes with live event

Earn early access to careers and scenario.

Warhammer Online is Korea-bound

EA, Mythic and NHN got Seoul.

Blizzard: WAR, AOC players coming home

Morhaime presents actual percentages.

WAR tops 800,000 active users mark

Subscriber base still growing strong.

WAR doubles XP for open-world warfare

Trying to stimulate barren battlefields.

Mythic "flattered" by WOW's PVP changes

Jacobs reckons it's a reaction to WAR.

Warhammer Online class cut for good

Hammerer banned, or Choppa chopped?

Blizzard in for "lengthy battle" - Mythic

Jacobs responds to claims of lost players.

Major WAR update in December

New classes, rewards and content.

Two new WAR classes this winter

Cut careers to return. Tanks very much.

WAR players returning to WOW

More than half, says Blizzard's Sams.

WOW to add 1m more subs - analyst

WAR won't have "a negative impact".

WAR claims 750,000 people

Mythic MMO attendance climbing.

Feature | WAR Sports

The ecstasy and agony of Warhammer Online Scenarios.

First WAR city siege takes place

Altdorf sacked in walkover, bugs blamed.

WAR claims 500,000 players

Fastest-selling new MMO ever, says EA.

Analyst: WAR will get 250-350k subs

It's selling in line with expectations.

WAR bans gold sellers "like crazy"

Jacobs doesn't hold back on "pond scum".

UK charts: Force Unleashed the new star

WAR also strong. Top 40 inside.

Feature | A Public WAR

A beginner's guide.

Mythic clarifies comments about EA

"Of course they know how to launch MMOs."

Feature | Warhammer Online's Mark Jacobs

On population balance, server stability and more.

Barnett bets on 1m WAR subs in a year

Says it's Vegas to WOW's Blackpool.

WAR ships 1.5 million copies

Breaks EA pre-order records.

WAR server types, names announced

Any role-players out there?

Burning Crusade's quality delayed WAR

Jacobs wanted more "watercooler quests".

Jacobs on WAR beta: "GOA messed up"

Account creation still unavailable.

WAR open beta struggles in Europe

Yesterday was "a dark day" - GOA.

WAR item for Red Alert 3 pre-orders

In-game helmet that turns you into a bear.

Mythic details WAR early access dates

Pre-orders get up to four days' headstart.

IGDA slams WAR for omitting credits

Mythic to only credit current staff.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Beta Report Part 1: The early levels.

WAR was to have 250 classes

Losing four doesn't seem so bad now.

Warhammer Online gets release date

European pricing details inside.

WAR system requirements revealed

Relax, it's no Age of Conan.

WAR is "finished", could ship now

Barnett's not finished yet.

WAR: "we can't schedule for sh**"

And WOW is "flawed genius" - Barnett

EA indicates September for WAR

Official date "extremely soon".

Warhammer Online guild beta begins

Last stage of closed testing.

WAR loses four cities and classes

Features cut for quality, says Jacobs.

Mythic drops EA from its name

WAR developer rolls back its brand.

EA: WAR is no rival to WOW

But Riccitiello still thinks it'll pull in big profits.

Warhammer is PvP first and foremost - Mythic

Monsters and PvE designed around PvP.

Antipodes get WAR when we do

Global release includes Oz, NZ, Asia.

Blizz: room at the top for Conan and WAR

But a WOW-beater will need to be great.

EA buys Napster bloke's site

Social networking for MMOs.

Mythic planning five years of WAR

Content scales with expansions in mind.

Feature | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Please, Warhammer, don't hurt 'em.

WAR beta to hit a million sign-ups

So reckons Mythic boss.

WAR Online "technically" ready for launch

Delay is to give it polish, says producer.

Feature | Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Producer Jeff Hickman on the game, the grind, the delay and EA.

EA unveils WAR Collector's Edition

Extra goodies and in-game content.

Warhammer Online delayed again

MMO won't be out till autumn now.

EA approach changing - Mythic

Publisher focusing on quality.

Feature | War, Interrupted

EA Mythic boss Mark Jacobs on Warhammer's delay.

Warhammer Online delayed

Slips to middle of 2008.

WAR beta closing tomorrow

New phase in December.

Plenty of life in MMOs

All-star panel says so.

Warhammer Online at Leipzig

Elves to be exposed.

Warhammer Online beta

Sign-up now to take part.

Warhammer Online delayed

Developer reviewing work.

Feature | Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

From table top to laptop. See what we did there?

GOA gets Warhammer MMO

Mythic's title gets Euro publisher.

New Warhammer Online details

It's due out next year.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Mythic monster out this year.