The War Z News

The War Z sold 2.8m copies despite dismal reception

"I am sure overall sales figures would have been better without the negativity."

The War Z forced offline after forum and game database hacked

Player email addresses, forum passwords, in-game character names, more exposed.

The War Z producer says fans would be outraged if they couldn't lose micro-transaction items

"If I had a dollar every time people asked me why the War Z is not a free to play I wouldn't have developed the War Z at all."

Controversial zombie game The War Z returns to Steam

With slightly altered product description.

Embattled The War Z producer promises to change his ways amid furore

"I know that to some people my words won't matter much."

The War Z has been removed from sale on Steam

Valve calls the listing a "mistake," offers refunds.

The War Z dev apologises to gamers who "misread" Steam page, hits out at "extreme DayZ fanboys"

UPDATE: Valve investigating Steam The War Z forum over allegations of unfair bans.

The War Z closed beta begins 31st October

But you can pay to play on 15th October. New trailer inside.