War On Terror

The War on Terror

The War on Terror

The war on the War on Terror.

Videogames never cease to surprise. If before playing this you asked me to bet what I thought my introduction would contain, I'd have put serious money on some manner of the usual leftist pinko Guardian reading nonsense that Walker and I end up crowbaring into our reviews much to everyone's embarrassment. Evens odds on it featuring the line "We'll stop putting politics into our reviews when developers stop putting politics into their games". But no.

Heavens above: tastelessness is the least of the War on Terror's problems.

Despite its 'torn from the headlines' name, it's not particularly weighted in the real world. It offers three sides to play on and a campaign of each to play through. That is, the World Forces (i.e. America and chums), The Order (i.e. non-threateningly unspecific group of Terrorists) and China (i.e. China). Its key design points are based around a lack of base building; capture flags and you can call in reinforcements. Also, while the politics are fantasy, the game - like Deus Ex - takes pleasure in setting its conflicts in recognisable locations. Let's use the training level for an example, as i) It's actually an impressively accurate visual simulacra of Alcatraz Island and ii) It's the only one I played.

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The WOFOR on Terror

New from terrorism!

Deep Silver will release a new game based on the War on Terror, WOFOR. Well, who knows? Entertainment value presumably. What an unusual que--OH it's the name of the game. WOFOR - War on Terror. Good one. It's due out in Q1 2006.