War for the Overworld News

War for the Overworld gets final expansion and big new update

Dungeon Keeper-style game War for the Overworld gets its final expansion today alongside a big new update.

The expansion, called The Under Games, is a new seven-level campaign that revolves around skirmish-like matchups across new game modes. The AI has been overhauled, there are three new underlords and there are multiple difficulty settings that should go down well with veteran fans.

Meanwhile, patch 2.0 adds new scripting support for the map editor as well as a remastered main campaign, with new cutscenes and an extended ending sequence.

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War for the Overworld gets My Pet Dungeon DLC

"Heavily-inspired" by Dungeon Keeper 2's My Pet Dungeon.

War for the Overworld, the spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper series, has launched a DLC heavily inspired by one of the most popular modes from Bullfrog's famous strategy game.

Big new War for the Overworld expansion goes live tonight

Remember War for the Overworld, the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper that came out in 2015? A big new expansion for it goes live tonight at 7pm.

The expansion is called Heart of Gold, and contains four new campaign levels, new defences, units and spells, and a new dungeon theme.

The new campaign levels are fully voice acted, and are played from the perspective of rival Underlord Kasita. The developers said these levels are more open-ended than in the original game.

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