Virtua Tennis 3 News

Ninja Gaiden on US PS3 Store

Demos hit for Sigma and VT.

As promised a little under a month ago, Tecmo has thrust a demo of Ninja Gaiden Sigma onto the US and Japanese PlayStation 3 Stores.

Virtua Tennis 3 is due out on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next Friday, 23rd March, but those of you diving around with Microsoft's next-gen console needn't wait that long to see how good it is, as there's a demo of it up on Xbox Live Marketplace this morning.

Virtua Tennis 3 goes online

In 360 version, first time ever.

You'll be able to play Virtua Tennis online 3 for the first time in franchise history on Xbox Live, SEGA has announced, when the game launches for the console in March.

Virtua Tennis PS3 to use tilt

Tilt sensing for movement, shots.

SEGA has revealed that the PlayStation 3 version of Virtua Tennis 3 will support the Sixaxis' tilt function to move around the court and play shots.

Virtua Tennis served on PC, PSP

In addition to PS3/360.

With the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Virtua Tennis 3 on display at the Games Convention this week, SEGA's announced that the game will also be appearing on PC and PSP next spring when the game debuts

EGTV: Virtua Tennis 3 trailer

EGTV: Virtua Tennis 3 trailer

The ball's in our court.

For all right-minded folk, it's understandably difficult to think about anything other than The Beautiful Game right now - but another great sporting event is also just around the corner, with Wimbledon fortnight serving up as the World Cup enters its knock-out stages.

One of the most thrilling prospects on the videogames horizon is Sega's next-gen instalment of the masterful Virtua Tennis series. And while its spring 2007 release on Xbox 360 and PS3 is far too late to cash in on the Pimms-fuelled frolics at the All England Club this summer, EGTV has an exclusive showing of the first trailer of Virtua Tennis 3 right now.

In development at talented UK studio Sumo Digital, the outfit responsible for the top-notch PSP instalment in addition to recent OutRun console titles, VT3 promises all the enhancements you'd expect from a next-gen product, with the tantalising prospect of full online play.

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