Vindictus Review

Vindictus Review

Free-to-play vindicated?

In the merry little avalanche of free-to-play titles that tumble into our inboxes these days, there are several stages of grief I associate with being offered a review. First of all, there's practicality - is there the time? Second, do my pencils need organising? Thirdly, there's acceptance as I'm told that this one is meant to actually be quite good. I'll then assume this look.

In terms of production values, Vindictus is certainly no ordinary free-to-play fantasy MMO. The opening cinematic, which sets the scene of a town under terror as its bestial protector goes mad, attacking people and buildings, is followed up with an incredibly stylish credit reel featuring the kind of silhouetted combat action you'll have enjoyed in Kill Bill.

Entering the game as a rookie amid this chaos, there are three archetype characters to choose from currently: Lann, a fast and furious dual-wielding swordsman; Evie, the magical mischief-maker; and Fiona, who uses swords and shields to block and counter enemy attacks. More are promised for the future, although whether these will be provided as part of the free-to-play model is uncertain.

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