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Velocity Preview: Mini Marvel

FeatureVelocity Preview: Mini Marvel

You shall know our velocity.

They've been funny little things, these PlayStation Minis. Set up not exactly as an alternative to the App Store but certainly an analogue of it, the initial promise was clear; here was a place where you could find the kind of sugar-sweet candy bar snacks that have slowly taken over the world through iOS. The results, though, have been disappointing - too many thoughtless ports of mobile games, and too many opportunistic cash-ins.

There've also been some brilliant curios - Die Gute Fabrik's Where Is My Heart was a delightful platformer and a true highlight of 2011 - and it's provided a place for smaller, sparky outfits to prove their stuff. Mediatonic showed its worth with Who's That Flying, and Brighton-based developer FuturLab's been doing much the same.

It already had a crack with Coconut Dodge, a brutally simplistic game in which you - a crab that seemed to have scuttled out of Rare's character design lab circa 1999 - dashed from left to right in order to avoid some falling fruit. And that, quite simply, was that, though its basic premise belied a devilishly taut arcade experience.

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