Velocity Ultra will land on PS3 later this year

Soon console gamers shall know our velocity.

Screenshots of Velocity Ultra

The special Vita version.

It's not a Velocity sequel, it's a native HD rework for Vita

He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy.

PlayStation minis developer laments lack of Trophies, demos

Lack of Trophies "probably the single biggest turn-off for most gamers," argues Velocity studio.

Review | Velocity Review

Scream if you wanna shoot faster.

Sonic, Deus Ex, Velocity launch on EU PlayStation Store

Plus Saint's Row: The Third and Final Fantasy 13-2 DLC.

Feature | Velocity Preview: Mini Marvel

You shall know our velocity.

Video | Velocity PS minis trailer

Developer FuturLab recruits Killzone composer.