Vanquish Videos

Digital FoundryVanquish PS3/360 input latency tests

Xbox 360 and PS3 versions' input lag compared.

Digital FoundryVanquish PS3/360 gameplay performance

Analysis of gameplay segments from both SKUs.

Digital FoundryVanquish PS3/360 cut-scene performance

Engine performance tests using like-for-like scenes.

Digital FoundryVanquish: Xbox 360/PS3 Face-Off

Platinum's superb shooter compared on both HD consoles.

Digital FoundryVanquish Playthrough Time-Lapse

Just how much "game" is there in Platinum's latest?

VideoVanquish launch trailer

Mikami's latest ready to shoot.

VideoThe enemies of Vanquish

How to finish your foes.

VideoVanquish TGS footage

New video from Sega's shooter.

Digital FoundryVanquish demo PS3/360 performance analysis

PS3 version boasts zero-tear v-synced gameplay.

VideoVanquish demo - first 15 minutes

Rich scampers through Platinum's latest.

VideoVanquish tri-weapon pack trailer

Pre-orderers get more.

VideoVanquish gets a gameplay trailer

Rocket-sliding robot slaughter from Mikami.

VideoBrand new Vanquish trailer

Building the tension pre-E3.

VideoVanquish reveal trailer

Halo, is it me you're looking for?