Vagrant Story

When Sydney Losstarot summons the devil, the devil comes a-sprinting - or, at the very least, sends his most senior fiends without delay. We players are used to occultish showmanship: the sweep of the staff, the hooded head bowed in dramatic concentration, the twitch-lipped incantation; the purplish burst of colour as spell conjures from air. It's grown routine, robbed of spectacle by familiarity. So we thumb-twiddle till the cutscene plays itself out. Get on with it.

Inside Tactics Ogre's Premium Edition

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PlayStation Portable strategy RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together includes a copy of the game, a 44-page hardback artbook The World of Tactics Ogre, an exclusive mini soundtrack CD and a 50 per cent off PSN voucher for cult Square JRPG Vagrant Story.

Vagrant Story coming to Euro PSN

Square's classic RPG re-released.

Square Enix is releasing its PlayStation RPG Vagrant Story on PSN in Europe, so both PS3 and PSP owners can play it.