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Until Dawn dev announces VR prequel The Inpatient

Until Dawn dev announces VR prequel The Inpatient

Set 60 years before the first game.

Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games is releasing its second Until Dawn VR spin-off. This time it's a prequel called The Inpatient.

Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, The Inpatient is set in the creepy Blackwood Sanatorium. As Silent Hill, Outlast, and The Evil Within have taught us, nothing good ever comes from an asylum in a video game.

Based on its reveal trailer above, The Inpatient looks like a narrative-driven adventure that's a far cry from Supermassive's previous Until Dawn VR spin-off, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which was an on-rails shooter centered around a hellish series of roller coasters. Our Ian Higton really liked that one.

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From back when it was a PS3 Move game.

Teenage slasher choose-your-own-adventure game Until Dawn had surprising success upon its launch last year on PS4. Smarter than meets the eye, Supermassive Games' slasher affair effortlessly blended Telltale-style third-person adventure with the gory glory of the best B-movies. But it started out as a very different beast.