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What went wrong with PSVR exclusive Bravo Team, the "Halo of VR shooters"

Bravo Team, the PlayStation VR shooter from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games, launched earlier this month to a critical mauling and disappointment from fans hoping for another game of Until Dawn quality. Early glimpses looked bland at best, but Supermassive's recent track record suggested Bravo Team could - should - still turn out okay. After all, the studio had turned things around before. But, this time, that didn't happen. Bravo Team launched in a state, and in Eurogamer's review, Ian branded the game "an astonishingly bad VR shooter from a team that should know better".

It's that last part which intrigued me - here was a studio which had form in Until Dawn and other VR efforts like Tumble VR and Rush of Blood. By contrast, Bravo Team arrived riddled with glitches, featuring dull levels, a dreary art pallete and laughable enemy AI. What had gone so wrong here?

Speaking to Eurogamer under condition of anonymity to protect their jobs, Supermassive staff have painted a picture of a project which felt doomed from an early stage, of a studio which feels increasingly overworked, and a management too focused on maintaining the place in the spotlight Supermassive secured with 2015's Until Dawn, still the studio's biggest claim to fame.

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