Unreal Tournament 3 News

New Unreal Tournament 3 patch keeps multiplayer alive

Epic is making a new Unreal Tournament game, but that doesn't mean it's forgot about the last game in the multiplayer shooter series, Unreal Tournament 3.

UT3, released in 2007, had been under threat from the GameSpy server shutdown. But there is a patch available that will allow people to keep playing multiplayer.

The patch is a replacement executable, Epic said on its website, that directs users to a new UT3 master server that is hosted on the Epic Games server back alongside the servers for Unreal Tournament 99 and Unreal Tournament 2004. The patch works with the Steam version of the game.

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Make Something Unreal winners unveiled

Haunted takes top prize, gets UE3 licence.

Epic has announced the winners of the latest Make Something Unreal competition, with the $50,000 grand prize and commercial Unreal Engine 3 licence going to the developers of survival horror modification The Haunted.

Play UT3 Black for free this weekend

Then buy it for 60 per cent less than usual.

Epic is letting everyone play Unreal Tournament 3 for free this weekend, to mark ten years since the original UT demo was released.

UT3 Titan Pack for PS3 today

Hulking expansion is completely free.

Epic Games says the Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 will be released free of charge on the PlayStation Network today.

COD5 XP boost, UT3 Black free weekend

UT bundle includes Titan Pack access.

Those of you fond of shooting one another in the face will be able to enjoy double experience points in Call of Duty: World at War for the next few days, or sample Unreal Tournament 3 for free on PC all weekend.

UT3 Titan Pack delayed a fortnight

PS3 certification holds up release.

Today's planned release of the Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack has been delayed after the expansion took longer than expected to clear PS3 certification.

Epic dates UT3 expansion for PS3, PC

Epic dates UT3 expansion for PS3, PC

Free in March with new modes, maps.

Epic has announced details of its upcoming Unreal Tournament 3 expansion, the Titan Pack, and said it will be out for PS3 and PC on 5th March.

Best things first, it's a completely free 800MB-1GB download, which introduces split-screen and a new mod-browser for PS3 owners, and 16 maps in total.

There are also new gametypes, including some that involve the titular Titans and their even-bigger brothers, the Behemoths.

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UT3 Titan Pack expansion this year

UT3 Titan Pack expansion this year

And Epic's working on a gigantic patch.

Epic Games has told Eurogamer that the Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 will arrive this year.

Specific details are still scant, but a spokesperson told us more will be revealed "very soon".

The words follow the revelation of an enormous Unreal Tournament 3 patch for PC, according to BeyondUnreal.

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Rein outs

Rein outs "major expansion" for UT3

"Midway is still very much the publisher."

Epic VP Mark Rein has told Eurogamer that relations with publisher Midway are fine, and that the pair are working together on a "major expansion" for Unreal Tournament 3.

"Midway is still very much the publisher of Unreal Tournament 3," said Rein, dismissing speculation that the two would part ways following a gloomy financial report for the publisher.

"In fact, we're working together on a major expansion to Unreal Tournament 3, that we expect will excite and grow our UT3 customer base which, incidentally, now numbers over a million units sold-through world-wide."

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UK chart: Smash Bros. still victorious

Buzz! PS3 playing catch-up.

There's little change at the top of the UK all-formats chart this week, as Super Smash Bros. Brawl continues to fight off opposition from Battlefield: Bad Company at two and LEGO: Indiana Jones at three.

Xbox 360 UT3 gets Euro date

Out here before the US.

Midway has told Eurogamer that the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 will be heading here for 4th July. Or the day that Will Smith beat the aliens. That puts us a weekend ahead of the US for once, who will get the game the following Tuesday, 7th July.

UTIII disc to feature Gears 2 video?

Just like Mark Rein hinted.

Had you been on Play.com this morning, looking to purchase a copy of Unreal Tournament III for Xbox 360, you might have spotted something interesting.

Story-driven Unreal will return - Rein

Epic vice president is "sure" of it.

Epic Games expects to make another "single-player, story-driven driven" Unreal game at some point in the future, according to vice president Mark Rein.

Rein offers update on UT3 360

Rein offers update on UT3 360

It's "coming along nicely".

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has assured those eagerly awaiting the Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3 that it's looking good and will be playable soon.

In a post on the Epic forums he wrote, "We don’t have a particular release date yet but we’re going to be playing it with some members of the press in two weeks at Midway’s next Gamers Day in Las Vegas.

"Should be fun," Rein added. "The game is coming along really nicely."

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Epic patches UT3 on PS3

Epic patches UT3 on PS3

Better voice chat and mod support.

Epic Games has popped a plaster over the bleeding bits of Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3.

The bulk of the healing was done to mods, so they should be easier to install and you can expect less errors. There should also be less problems with voice chat, and you will be able to see who is holding down the talk button to play Gunther songs.

The US version of the game has a much lengthier list of updates, but this is simply because it came out earlier - us Europeans had those fixes from launch.

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Midway's not dead yet, says Zucker

Departed boss still thinking positive.

Former Midway boss David Zucker believes the troubled publisher has nothing to fear thanks to its considerable investment in next-gen console technology.

UT3 PC-to-PS3 mod patch soon

UT3 PC-to-PS3 mod patch soon

Next week, in fact.

Epic Games hopes to release a patch that will allow PC users to package their Unreal Tournament III modifications and add-on levels for use on PlayStation 3 next week.

"We've been doing some internal testing and we're hoping to expand to a wider group tomorrow or Friday," Epic vice president Mark Rein wrote on the game's official forum. "If all goes well then we should see the update released next week which is what I expect will happen."

The PC version of UT3 comes with a fully functioning game editor based on Unreal Engine 3, and while the PS3 game does not include this, the aim is to ensure compatibility with content produced on the PC.

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First UT3 PS3 user content

A map by a Brit.

Although the tools to let people prepare their own PS3-compatible mods and maps are waiting on "some paperwork from Sony", Epic's Mark Rein has announced the very first downloadable user-created content for Unreal Tournament III on PlayStation 3. You can find download links in his forum post.

UT3 1.1 patch in testing

UT3 1.1 patch in testing

Details released.

Epic Games has nearly finished work on the 1.1 patch for Unreal Tournament 3 on PC, and while it's lolloping around test servers Planet Unreal has been nice enough to share details of what it fixes.

Gameplay changes top the bill, with a scattering of weapon-balancing efforts - including a reduction in the Goliath's machinegun spread, increased effectiveness for the flak cannon, rocket launcher and shock rifle against the Manta and Viper - brushing up against basic gameplay fixes like scaling on player meshes and the bots handling Darkwalkers more effectively.

There are also a range of changes and fixes related to demo playback, the server browser, the game interface, the HUD, networking, server administration, modding and the single-player/co-op campaign mode.

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Rein celebrates PS3 mod ability

"They are embracing real art."

Epic Games' Mark Rein has spoken in more depth about the degree to which user-generated content is possible in the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 - and applauded Sony's "wonderful" decision to make PSN an "open system".

EGTV: UT3 deathmatch action

Watch us kill each other.

Sorry, but we have to say it once more: it's been an exceptionally strong year for first-person shooters. Console and PC gamers remain spoilt for choice - and if there's a unifying thread linking the strongest practitioners of the aim-and-fire method in 2007, it's ambition. The narrative ambition of Bioshock; the technical ambition of Crysis; the overwhelming generosity of ambition in Orange Box.

Unreal PS3 next year - Rein

But out before Xmas in US.

Epic boss Mark Rein has confirmed that the PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 will not be out in Europe this side of Christmas.

UT 360 dev to begin in 08

They're a bit busy right now.

Mark Rein says that Unreal Tournament 3 is definitely going to come out on Xbox 360 - they're just not working on it right this second, and won't be "until early next year".

Euro UT3 PS3 iffy for 2007

Mark Rein doubts it'll happen.

Epic Games' Mark Rein says that he hopes Unreal Tournament 3 will be released on PlayStation 3 this year but he doesn't think it will make it to Europe until 2008.

UT3 PC Euro date confirmed

UT3 PC Euro date confirmed

Still no word on PS3 date.

Unreal Tournament 3 will be released in Europe for the PC on 23rd November, Midway confirmed this afternoon ahead of an official launch event in sunny Birmingham tomorrow.

Sadly there's no word on the PS3 version as of yet, with a Midway spokesperson telling Eurogamer that Epic Games calls the shots on that one and we'll know when they decide to tell us.

Fortunately Mark Rein will be at the event at Omega Sektor in Brum tomorrow shouting at people about how wicked he thinks Unreal Tournament 3 is, so we will endeavour to track him down and beat an answer out of him.

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UT3 gets US date

Euro announcement next week.

Midway has confirmed on its official website that the PC version of Unreal Tournament III will be out in the US on 19th November.

UT3 beta demo out now

UT3 beta demo out now

Testing, testing: one, two...

Epic Games and Midway have popped an open beta demo for Unreal Tournament 3 on the Internet.

Mark Rein revealed that it was on the way last week, although it arrives slightly ahead of his "two weeks" prediction.

The place to get your hands on it is over on FilePlanet - as redirected from the official website - where you will have to register for a free account and then sit in a queue about 30 minutes long before you can begin your download.

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Open UT3 beta demo soon

Open UT3 beta demo soon

"Within two weeks," says Rein.

Epic Games chieftain Mark Rein has said that the Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo will be out "within two weeks" - possibly as soon as this week.

It will only be playable on Windows and will be open to everyone that wants to join. Max OS X and Linux versions are being worked on, but no dates have been mentioned.

Rein confirmed its imminent arrival on the official forums, and said it will contain bot skirmishes as well as online multiplayer. The idea behind it is to get you lot running the game on all types of different machines, so that Epic can see how well it is performing and get pages of gameplay feedback.

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UT3 delayed until 2008

Or not, if Epic can help it.

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has said the studio is still working hard to get Unreal Tournament 3 finished in time for Christmas - even though Midway reckons it won't be out till next year.

No cross-platform UT3 at launch

No cross-platform UT3 at launch

But maybe in future, says Rein.

Epic Games chief Mark Rein has said Unreal Tournament 3 will not feature cross-platform play between PC and PS3 at launch.

The news came from an IRC chat with site Beyond Unreal [is it 1996? - Ed].

"There will not be cross-platform play at launch," said Rein, before going to get a can of soda. "This doesn't completely rule out adding this feature at some point in the future."

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No PS3 UT demo pre-release

PC one's likely, though.

Epic Games' Mark Rein says we shouldn't expect an Unreal Tournament 3 demo for PS3 before the game's release in November, but a PC one will happen.

GC: PS3 "benefiting from Gears"

Rein says it helped UE3 hugely.

They might spend a lot of time wailing about it on Internet forums, but Epic Games VP Mark Rein reckons that PlayStation 3 owners are better off because of Xbox 360 mega-exclusive Gears of War.

"We're multi-platform" - Rein

No favourites at Epic.

Epic Games chief Mark Rein is disappointed we all keep suggesting he likes one console over another, and insists the developer has no favourites - and will optimise every game for each platform.

Mark Rein backs Blu-ray

Epic boss likes "legroom".

Epic Games boss Mark Rein has expressed his appreciation for the extra storage space Blu-ray discs offer over standard DVDs, GamesIndustry.biz is reporting.

Midway "concerned" over PS3

Confident price cut will help.

Midway's CEO David Zucker has told GamesIndustry.biz that he's still concerned about sales of the PlayStation 3, but thinks the recently announced USD 100 price cut will certainly help the console in the short term.

Harrison pledges Epic support

UE3 optimised for PS3.

Worldwide Studios boss Phil Harrison has admitted that Sony didn't initially offer Epic enough support with optimising the Unreal Engine 3 for PS3 - but said the situation has now changed for the better, GamesIndustry.biz is reporting.

E3: UT3 exclusive to PS3

E3: UT3 exclusive to PS3

Until the end of the year.

Sony announced a unique partnership with Epic Games at its E3 conference earlier today, no doubt in an effort to sully the tabloid grabbing relationship Microsoft has enjoyed with the Gears of War developer in the past.

It means Unreal Tournament 3 will be exclusive to PS3 this autumn, following on Xbox 360 and Windows at a later date. Plus you'll also be able to bring popular PC mods to Sony's version over the PlayStation Network.

Sony America boss Jack Tretton went on to announced that Unreal Engine 3 was being fully optimised for use with PS3, as another part of the "multi-stage" deal with Epic.

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UT3 learns from Gears

Low-end PCs loved.

Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has said Unreal Tournament 3 will benefit from the lessons learned by creating Gears of War for Xbox 360.

Epic partners with Streamline

To help on Unreal Tournament 3.

Gears of War developer Epic Games has been holding-hands with Streamline Studios again, which will now be providing 3D content solutions for the upcoming Unreal Tournament 3.

UT2K7 now UT3

On Xbox 360 too, woo.

Unreal Tournament 2007 has been renamed Unreal Tournament 3 and will be available on Xbox 360 too, the publisher confirmed at its Midway Gamer's Day in Las Vegas this week. Mind you, we'd have been more surprised if Epic Games - of Gears of War fame - weren't producing a 360 version.

UT2007 re-dated

The clue's in the title.

Midway has confirmed that Unreal Tournament 2007 is due out in, er, 2007.

Mark Rein comments on UT2007

'When it's done.'

Epic Games' Mark Rein has settled any lingering doubt about Unreal Tournament 2007's relationship with the PlayStation 3 launch, arguing that since nobody knows when the console will launch and Epic can't predict when UT2007 will be finished, the entire point is rather moot.

UT2007 on PC first, not PS3

So says Epic producer.

An Epic Games producer has denied claims originating in a US PlayStation magazine that Unreal Tournament 2007 will be a PlayStation 3 launch title. The game will first appear on the PC, he said.

Unreal Tournament 2007

Now with added modifiability.

Midway has confirmed that the latest PC instalment in the UT series will launch next year, revealing that it will carry the title of Unreal Tournament: 2007 - despite rumours to the contrary.

New Unreal Tournament details

New Unreal Tournament details

New voice commands, unique characters, millions more polygons and improved online options for the next version.

Unreal Tournament developer Epic Games has unveiled more details of the next instalment in the series - explaining why it might not be called UT 2006.

Speaking in an interview with 1Up.com, lead designer Steve Polge says that the new UT game will mark "a real generational change."

"This is a completely new game, new engine. All the code is really being rewritten. No assets from UT 2004 appear in here again," he says.

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New Unreal Tournament details

New Unreal Tournament details

No word on an official title yet, but some rather interesting info regarding the brand new Conquest mode.

Details of the new Unreal Tournament title have been revealed in the latest issue of US magazine Computer Gaming World.

The game, which will be powered by the Unreal Engine 3, is being designed with the aim of putting gameplay ahead of graphics in the development process, with art being added in only once map layouts are finalised.

No specific details of vehicles have been released, but images suggest there will be a next generation Goliath tank and scorpion buggy. A total of 11 weapons will reportedly be available.

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