The Unfinished Swan


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VideoVideo: Games that do mental health right

Hellblade isn't the first to tackle this complex topic.

Journey and The Unfinished Swan confirmed for PS4

Santa Monica studio games coming as remasters in the near future.

Sony lists Journey, The Unfinished Swan for PlayStation 4

Gamescom slate spotted, then pulled.

The Last of Us' lead artist joins The Unfinished Swan studio

UPDATE: Actor Todd Stashwick has been recast in Uncharted 4.

God of War dev Sony Santa Monica moving, expanding

270-person team relocating to space "4 or 5 times the size".

PlayStation Store opens on

How do the prices compare?

The Unfinished Swan creator reveals next project

All the info in black and white.

FeatureInside Santa Monica Studios, Sony's development commune

It's famed for God of War - but the first party developer is responsible for so much more.

The Walking Dead, Doom 3 BFG Edition on EU PlayStation Store

But still no Retro City Rampage or CS:GO.

The Unfinished Swan release date announced

Live a week early for PS Plus subscribers.

The Unfinished Swan's new trailer shows more colours

Not your garden variety puzzler.

VideoUnfinished Swan Gamescom trailer

You art to watch this.

Sony unveils PSN exclusive The Unfinished Swan with debut trailer

After the first 15 minutes "things get really weird".

Reveal of The Unfinished Swan rumoured

First-person painting game ready to spread its wings on PS3?