UFO: Extraterrestrials

UFO: Extraterrestrials

UFO: Extraterrestrials


The first game I ever reviewed, way back in a distant time they called the early-to-mid nineties was the A500 version of UFO: Enemy Unknown for Amiga Power. I gave it an over-generous 36 per cent. You may be confused on two points. Firstly, if you're an American, you may not know that what you know as X-Com: UFO Defense went under that particular title in the UK. Secondly, you may be wondering why such an well-loved classic got such a low mark. The A500 version simply didn't work properly, which made me - as you'll know if you follow that link - get all het up in a late-teenage manner and sniffle. I always wanted to review a version which worked, which makes me really glad to play UFO: Extraterrestrials. Because - y'know - it's UFO: Enemy Unknown.

Like, exactly.

When I went to the manual, I was genuinely surprised that instead of "The Gollop Brothers" I find a couple by the name of Michal Dolezal and Irou. You can only presume that their methodology of design involved gathering the team around an old PC running UFO: Enemy Unknown and saying "Guys - do it like that". And the differences in the final game were due to communication difficulties or spiteful art staff or rebellious programmers refusing to code an old-skool character control system for something a bit more accessible or something.

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