Twin Blades

Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

TNT! Ninja! Blades! Corps! Viral!

Another week, another busy crop of games that won't take up any shelf space whatsoever. Top of my personal list is definitely Double Fine's latest, Stacking which instantly catapults us back to the days of Grim Fandango for cracked originality. And then there's the genius puzzling of Space Chem, while AI War got some overdue love. Quality at every turn I tell yer.

That doesn't mean we're bereft of any decent download games to rant nonsense about in the roundup this week. Look at Ninja 360°, the Trials of platforming, or compulsive zombie slasher Twin Blades, two games that took up more of my week than is strictly healthy.

Ninja 360°

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