Turning Point: Fall of Liberty News

Legendary: The Box dev quiet on Resident Evil rumour

Hiring for a "bold new take on 3rd person action/horror genre".

Turning Point date narrowed down

Churchill-less history tale coming soon.

Turning Point slips to March

Bit longer to find Churchill taxi bloke.

Codies looks for taxi driver progeny

The one that almost killed Churchill.

We'll make Turning Point better - Spark

But February launch looks iffy.

New Turning Point demo on Live

Try out Codemasters' new shooter.

Codemasters' Leipzig line-up

Turning Point, Jericho demos.

Giacchino to score Turning Point

He's worked on Lost doncha know.

Fall of Liberty gets new name

Fresh take on WWII genre.

Fall of Liberty for 360, PS3, PC

New FPS from Call of Duty team.