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Trinity Universe

Trinity Universe

Dood, where's my star?

"That man has ten arms!"

"He's a cosplayer."

I've played enough idiosyncratic games of Japanese origin recently that the above exchange - one of many in Trinity Universe that poke fun at games and gaming culture - barely raised an eyebrow. This isn't the weirdest game I've reviewed this year, though with its effective skewering of anime stereotypes (there's a neat recurring gag about one character's silly hairstyle) it might just win the prize for the wittiest.

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Trinity Universe

Nether say die.

What do you get when you cross Disgaea with Atelier? Actually, don't answer that. But if you don't understand the question, this won't be the game for you. Trinity Universe is the Japanese RPG taken to its most baffling extreme, a sprawling, surreal and silly post-modern dungeon-crawler populated by bizarre characters, ridiculous stat-chasing and endless static dialogue scenes.