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Origin Access adds Mass Effect Trilogy

Plus Trine 1 & 2 and Peggle.

Origin Access - the PC service granting players loads of EA games, discounts, and early access to upcoming title for 3.99 a month - has added the Mass Effect Trilogy to its Vault.

Trine series has sold over 7 million copies

Level editor out now, free to play this weekend on Steam.

Glorious co-op puzzle platforming series Trine has sold upwards of 7 million copies between its two games covering eight platforms, developer Frozenbyte has announced.

How to play the Trine Enchanted Edition beta

How to play the Trine Enchanted Edition beta

Platforming classic updated, now available to try.

Magical platformer Trine is now available to try in its Enchanted Edition, which reworks the game into the beautiful Trine 2 engine.

The original version of the game will remain available, but Trine's Enchanted Edition will also offer Trine 2's online multiplayer.

The new version is still in beta, but anyone who owns the original game can play it for free via Steam.

Read more relaunched to sell newer PC games relaunched to sell newer PC games

Drops the Good Old Games meaning.

What began as Good Old Games,, has relaunched to sell new PC games alongside old.

Therefore, the Good Old Games meaning will fade away. The company will be known instead by the acronym-turned-company-title "It doesn't matter what G, O and G stand for," explained a post on "Gee Oh Gee dot com stands for high-quality, DRM-free gaming, each week with bigger and newer games."

Trine and The Whispered World are examples of 'new' games available right now. Legend of Grimrock is out 11th April. Spacechem, Machinarium and Darwinia are "coming soon". Apparently, more than 20 indie and new games have been signed for release in "the next few months".

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Trine, Bomberman head PSN refresher

Lots of special offers, too.

The long-awaited arrival of platformer Trine headlines the Thursday PSN update this week, followed admirably by Bomberman Ultra and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Commander's Challenge.

Frozenbyte: Trine project "a big mess"

Dev talks pricing, PSN date and XBLA.

Frozenbyte has told Eurogamer that Trine as a project is "a big mess", and that the disparity between prices and the platforms the game is released for are issues the studio will be better prepared to handle next time around.



Not an Australian railway simulator.

When it comes to promising new indie games, a dash of originality is usually what gets people's attention - some memorable feature or twist that helps the game break away from the herd - but in the case of Trine, from Finnish developer Frozenbyte, it's actually the warm feeling of familiarity. Certainly, anyone who's been gaming since the early nineties will find it delivers a tasty blend of beloved old flavours, served up in a tangy sauce of modern physics.

The danger when discussing such a classically constructed game, of course, is that it's tempting to rely on a soundbitey tick-list of influences to set the scene, so let's get that out of the way. The obvious reference points are the side-scrolling exploration of the original Prince of Persia and the three-way ability-based puzzling of Blizzard's cult 1992 gem, The Lost Vikings. Mash those two together, add a splash of LittleBigPlanet's physics-heavy gameplay, and you've got Trine.

You're in control of three characters. The first we meet is Zoya, a thief. You guide her through a sacred temple, in a neat opening section that doubles as a simple tutorial, until she stumbles across the Trine - a magical artefact of unknown power. Next we meet Amadeus, a wizard, who investigates the disturbance in the temple and also finds himself bound to the Trine. Finally, there's Pontius, a gruff knight whose bullish determination to defend the realm makes him the third hapless soul to be caught up in the adventure about to unfold.

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Three become one.

Trine is where Lost Vikings and Golden Axe merge and come up against the dreaded scourge of gaming: seesaws. Whether they're hampering the progress of Gordon Freeman's ascent to a platform that's slightly too high, or causing Sackboy to leap futilely at their teetering ends, they've been causing a ruckus in our chosen field of entertainment for several years now. One day their reign of tyranny will be overthrown by another piece of playground apparatus (my bet's on those miniature horses on chunky metal springs) but until then it's up to a svelte thief, a lady-chasing wizard and an angry knight to wrestle with their noxious taint.