Trine 2 Videos

Digital FoundryTrine 2 Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U Performance Video

All three console versions go head-to-head, with just a bit of PS3 tearing to separate the bunch of them.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 PC vs. Wii U Comparison Video

The all-singing, all-dancing computer version takes on the most technologically accomplished console release.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 PC vs. PS3 Comparison Video

The PC version running at maximum settings offers a significantly improved experience over the PS3 game.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 Wii U vs. PS3 Comparison Video

The strongest console version compared against the weakest.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 Xbox 360 vs. PC Comparison Video

The Microsoft console takes on the PC game running at maximum settings.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Comparison Video

FXAA blur is the major differentiating factor between the two versions shown here.

Digital FoundryTrine 2 Xbox 360 vs. Wii U Comparison Video

Improved image quality on Wii U, but problematic gamma issues.

VideoBehind the scenes of Trine 2 trailer

Taking the stunning Frozenbyte engine from concept art to reality.

VideoTrine 2 trailer teases expansion locales

Six new campaign levels coming.

VideoBeautiful Trine 2 launch trailer lands

Out now on PC and Mac, console launches to follow.

VideoTrine 2 home shopping trailer

Internet memes meet fantasy adventure.

VideoTrine 2 co-op gameplay footage

Fantasy platformer looking lovely.

VideoBeautiful new Trine 2 gameplay

Downloadable side-scroller out this summer.

VideoNew Trine 2 trailer casts a spell

Check out lovely PC/PSN/XBLA platformer.

VideoTrine 2 gameplay teaser

For PC, PS3 and 360 next year.

VideoTrine 2 gets teased

Puzzle solving platformer receives a sequel.