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Digital FoundryTech Interview: Trials Fusion

Digital Foundry vs RedLynx in an extensive multi-platform Q&A.

With the arrival of a new Trials game, it's the Digital Foundry tradition to accompany the launch with an in-depth tech interview with RedLynx's tech mastermind, lead graphics programmer Sebastian Aaltonen - aka sebbbi. Whereas previous interviews have concentrated on how RedLynx coaxed stunning effects, physics and performance from Xbox 360 hardware, the topic of conversation shifts somewhat here: Trials Fusion is the studio's first simultaneous release, multi-platform project - and a cross-generation game to boot.

For a few weeks in 2012, Trials Evolution was a record-holder. Launched in April that year to roaring success, the last entry in RedLynx's racing series sold quicker than any Xbox Live Arcade title in history. Until the following month, that is, when the console version of Minecraft arrived.