TrackMania Nations ESWC News

New TrackMania out this year

Beta should kick off next month.

TrackMania developer Nadeo has told Eurogamer that the new TM compilation will be in the shops by the end of the year. Nadeo also revealed that a beta is scheduled to start some time around the end of August / start of September so they can try out all the new network features.

TrackMania compilation coming

All games and add-ons included.

The TrackMania United website has revealed details of the new compilation that's set to include all the previously released games and add-ons in the series.

TrackMania Nations trailer

TrackMania Nations trailer

On Eurofiles and EGTV.

Nadeo's released a trailer for TrackMania Nations ESWC, which we previewed just the other day, with the game due to go live on Friday.

TrackMania Nations is entirely free, having been designed as a training and competition platform for the Electronic Sports World Cup, where players will face off for a total of $40,000 - and compete for similar totals in tournaments focused on other games like the latest Pro Evolution Soccer and Gran Turismo titles. It also features a full working version of TM's trademark track design tool.

The TM Nations ESWC trailer is around 70MB in size, and you can either download it from Eurofiles or watch it right now on Eurogamer TV.

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TrackMania Nations ESWC shots

Specifically for eSports Cup.

Not content with doing a free expansion for TrackMania Sunrise, and, er, presumably not content with doing a reworked version of the original TrackMania either, French developer Nadeo is doing YET MORE COOL FREE STUFF.