The Town of Light

An impactful exploration of mental health that presents a very different kind of horror.

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The Town of Light to donate quarter of sales to mental health charity

The Town of Light to donate quarter of sales to mental health charity

"To have the opportunity to help those in the present is more than we could have hoped for."

The Town of Light publisher Wired Productions has announced a quarter of the game's sales will be donated to mental health charity Take This, Inc.

The publisher has teamed up with the game's developer, LKA, to ensure 25 per cent of the money made from digital sales of the game, between 16th August and 6th September, will go into a new fund to support mental health charities including Take This, Inc.

This promotion applies to digital sales across all formats and, in order to boost impact, several digital retailers are currently offering a 20 per cent discount on the game during this period.

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When it comes to the depiction of mental health institutions and psychiatric wards, video games don't really have the greatest track record. All too frequently, games fail to make the distinction between modern psychiatric units and the cruel, misguided asylums of old. Worse, they frequently make the patients themselves into cartoonish, horrific antagonists.

Town of Light review

RecommendedTown of Light review

It's Bedlam in here.

"When you're mad, you cease to exist."

The Town of Light is a game set in an asylum, and several decades of games like it have taught us what those words mean. Spookiness. Evil experiments. Something sinister in the basement. Jump-scares. This doesn't have any of that, but don't for a moment think that means it's not a horror game. Its horrors are simply more grounded, in incarceration, in loneliness, in the loss of power, and complete subjugation by a system that, at best, sees you as an unperson incapable of not simply making your own decisions, but of holding your own world inside your head.

Town of Light

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Psychological thriller The Town of Light gets February release date

First person psychological thriller The Town of Light will launch via Steam on 26th February 2016, developer has announced.

The Town of Light was originally due to arrive this year, but has been delayed to ensure its story and gameplay live up to expectations.

The experience will focus on the psychological impact of early asylums and their effects on patients - rather than just a spooky game with jump-scares like most Steam horror games.

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