Tow Truck Simulator

Tow Truck Simulator

Tow Truck Simulator

A hard shoulder to cry on.

Tow trucks. Proud whales of the highway. Gruff weightlifters of the road. Tanks in the war that is everyday life.

Our culture's obsession with tow trucks knows no bounds. One need only observe the popularity of films which speculate on the offspring of man and tow truck, such as Iron Man and Iron Man 2, and I'm sure the most loved of all the Autobots, Longarm, needs no introduction.

For centuries scholars have tried and failed to understand what makes tow trucks so beguiling to us. Perhaps it's the sheer power of their crane and tow cable, so much stronger than any one of us. Or maybe - just maybe - it is their ability, despite being a car (kind of), to pick up another car.

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