Tour de France: The Official Game

Tour de France 2011

The Tour de France is a fabled race, and one that's rich with over 100 years of prestige; this year, it's 21 stages over the course of 3 weeks that take in the breadth of France's landscape, the picturesque flats of the Brittany and the punishing ascents of the Pyrenees all attacked under a hot July sun by a dedicated throng of some of the world's fittest athletes. The stamina and strength to see it through those three weeks makes it one of sport's greatest physical endeavours, and the dedication needed to see success cements its place as one of sport's great spectacles.

All of which is quite hard to translate to the plastic controller thatís in your hands while you're lying prostrate on the sofa on a summery Sunday afternoon, one eye looking wistfully out the window and thinking you'd be better off, you know, riding a bike yourself.

But that's a task that French developer Cyanide - lonely veterans of the scene with numerous PC cycle management games under its belt, as well as an ill-conceived Xbox Live Arcade outing a couple of years back - has made its trade. Setting themselves up for a fall, this lot, but there's one thing that's authentic: like the real thing, Tour de France 2011 is utterly impenetrable and has a certain French stubbornness about it.

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Out This Week - 01/07/11

Resi Mercs! UFC! Dynasty Warriors!

The cast of Capcom's survival horror series reunites this week for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D. Heard the name before? You've probably played the all-fighting spin-off as a mini-game in Resi 4 and 5. It's expanded here, with a larger cast and extra features.