Top Hunter (Virtual Console)

Virtual Console Roundup

Virtual Console Roundup

Pokemon Snap, Top Hunter and Mega Man 2.

Without order, there can only be chaos. A terrifying, dark whirling maelstrom of chaos, tearing through our thin veneer of humanity like a banshee's wail. Chaos. So, Mr Nintendo, when you've established a neat rhythm of Friday Virtual Console releases, don't go and confuse me by releasing a new game on a Tuesday. It throws the very equilibrium of my being off kilter, and leaves me feeling lost and scared. And hungry.

Mmm. Hula Hoops.

Pokemon Snap

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Mega Man 2/Top Hunter on VC

Pokemon Snap, too.

It's Friday, and that means Nintendo has lined up another pair of ageing beauties to glide Sophia Loren-like across your router's DMZ into the beckoning, slightly sweaty arms of your Wii's onboard flash memory. This week it's Mega Man 2 and the amazingly brilliantly named Top Hunter.