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Slice! Hamsters! Breeze! Seconds! Gun!

We're of a mind to get straight down to business this week - there's quite the variety to get through, from indie darling Breeze to the licensed dogfights of Top Gun. First, however, we feel compelled to mention that this week sees the release of the wonderful Space Invaders Infinity Gene on PSN (7.99) and Xbox Live Arcade (800 Microsoft Points).

Top Gun buzzes EU PSN Store

Plus: Worms! Quantum Theory demo!

Now, I'm not going to sit here and blow sunshine up your ass, but Top Gun has landed on the European PlayStation Store. It's 8 and packs online multiplayer. Brand cash-in, maybe? But a cheaper way to satisfy an aerial combat itch than H.A.W.X. 2.

Top Gun's Jack Epps Jr.

A chat with the man who wrote the movie.

Nearly 25 years after the movie first appeared in cinemas, the Top Gun phenomenon is still going strong. In fact, a new videogame based on the film is arriving in the PSN Store this very day.

Top Gun for DS

It can be our wingman, etc.

Pin on your pilot wings, put on your oxygen mask and look up the highway to the danger zone on AA Autoroute - US publisher Mastiff is producing a new Top Gun game for the Nintendo DS. Screenshots are here, and there's a trailer on Eurofiles.