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Tony Hawk vs Shaun White results in

Which skating game was the biggest flop?

Last year, two of the biggest names in skateboarding competed for gamers' hard-earned cash with Tony Hawk: Shred and Shaun White Skateboarding. Both titles tanked, but which one bombed the hardest?

Awful Shred sales don't tell full story

Awful Shred sales don't tell full story

Expect "bigger ramp-up" for holiday season.

Tony Hawk: Shred may have flopped at retail, shifting just 3000 copies in its first week on sale in the US, but Activision believes sales will pick up as people shop for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"For the first time we're targeting that game to kids," Activision Publishing label CEO Eric Hirshberg told Gamasutra. "It's a gift-oriented game, but, that said, we need to build awareness for the game still."

Tony Hawk: Shred launched in late October on both sides of the Atlantic, and while NPD figures suggest it did poorly in the US it's impossible to say how it fared in the UK, although it has been noticeably absent from weekly Chart-Track listings, failing even to creep into the format-specific charts where sales thresholds are much lower.

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Tony Hawk Shred sold how many?

Don't tell Tony - heel-flip out.

Flop watch: if Tony Hawk: Shred were a quiff, it would have flopped from Activision's head down past its eyes, nose and into its mouth.

Tony Hawk: Shred team axed

Activision lays off Robomodo staff.

Activision is making redundancies at Tony Hawk: Shred developer Robomodo, according to multiple sources cited by Kotaku.

Bobby Kotick loves the Ride board

Activision boss's favourite peripheral.

Activision CEO and rabble-rouser par excellence Bobby Kotick has chimed in with another gem: the much-maligned Tony Hawk: Ride board is his favourite gaming peripheral.

Activision confirms Tony Hawk: Shred

Activision confirms Tony Hawk: Shred

Sounds like it's out this year.

Activision has confirmed that its new Tony Hawk game is called Shred.

"We can confirm we've given a name to the next Tony Hawk game - Tony Hawk: Shred - and more details will be revealed in the coming months," the publisher told Joystiq.

We assume that the new game will be out later this year. There's no official word on that, but if they're talking about it "in the coming months" then it's very unlikely that it's more than 6-8 months away.

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