Tongue Tied!

App of the Day: Tongue Tied!

App of the Day: Tongue Tied!

Finger-licking good.

Dogs in games tend to come in two varieties. There are the adorably cute ones: loveable, enthusiastic pups who like nothing better than to be stroked, bathed or decked out in Mario-themed headwear. And then there are the heroic ones, the loyal companions who'll dig up treasures and bravely tug at the trousers of villains in battle.

So it's refreshing to play a game which reminds you of the universal truth that dogs are actually terrifically stupid. The stars of the show here are Max and Ralph, who've managed to get their tongues knotted together. Meanwhile your omnipotent finger must tap, slide and swipe to keep them out of trouble as they dumbly blunder onwards, wide grins spread across their slobbering jaws.

With standard virtual d-pad controls, the platforming would be a doddle, but developer Mojo Bones has opted for a control scheme to convey the awkwardness of controlling two doltish canines at once. As they gambol along automatically, you'll need to pull back on one of the dogs to catapult the pair over gaps and hazards. Alternatively, you can drag one underneath a platform to collect the bone tokens below, or tap both dogs to drop down from a higher level. Swing a dangling dog in an arc, and you can earn a score bonus for collecting eight or more tokens in a single swipe. There's a pleasing sense of elasticity and weight as you ping them about the place, particularly when you're swinging from tyres or working your way along a patch of sticky mud in a manner oddly akin to negotiating monkey bars.

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