Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent Features

FeatureDouble Agent breaks ranks

PS3 producer Mathieu Hector explains what's new.

Following yesterday's revelation that PlayStation 3 will launch in Europe on 23rd March, Ubisoft has emerged as one of the console's biggest third-party supporters, and among its first run of titles will be Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent. Released on Xbox 360 late last year, the game's already critically acclaimed, but with the PS3 release a more tangible concept in the eyes of gamers, we caught up with producer Mathieu Hector to find out what's changed in the latest version and why Sam Fisher's followers should be keeping an eye out for it.

Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Hands-on with the revamped multiplayer.

Splinter Cell might be best known for the stealthy acrobatics found in a trio of excellent single-player campaigns, but while the Sam Fishers of the world have been busy snapping necks, concealing bodies and throwing terrorists off lighthouses, Ubisoft has been busily experimenting with and refining one of the most innovative multiplayer components of any game to emerge in recent years.

FeatureSplinter Cell Double Agent

A sneak peek at the Xbox 360 version.

Sam Fisher's daughter is dead, and understandably he's not too happy about it. But what's a special agent to do when faced with personal tragedy other than throw himself into his work, entirely abandoning his former life in the process?

FeatureSplinter Cell Double Agent

We get the lowdown on Sam's latest adventure.

Poor old Sam Fisher. Anyone would think the Splinter Cell developers don't like him much, judging by the amount of danger they've put him in over the last few years. And now things are about to get a whole lot tougher, since the latest instalment in the series, Splinter Cell Double Agent, is all about pushing Sam to his limits.