Titanfall Features

FeatureTitanfall: One year on

Battle of attrition - how Respawn's shooter has evolved, and how it plays today.

Digital FoundryPerformance Analysis: Titanfall revisited

The latest patch promises "delicious frame-rate optimisations". Has Respawn delivered?

Digital FoundryTech Interview: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Digital Foundry talks to Bluepoint Games on how the Respawn epic made its way onto last-gen hardware.

Digital FoundryPerformance analysis: Titanfall on Xbox 360

Be advised on last-gen native resolution and frame-rates.

Digital FoundryTitanfall tech interview

Digital Foundry talks with Respawn about the cloud, the beta, the day-one patch and more.

PodcastPodcast S2E9: Cheaper Xbox Ones, South Park and thank yous

Which incidental details in games do you remember?

FeatureBe advised: I was wrong about Titanfall

If you're feeling jaded and dismissive, like I was, then pay attention.

Digital FoundryWatch Titanfall on Xbox One at 60fps

1080p60 video downloads plus resolution analysis.

FeatureTitanfall preview: You say you want a revolution?

A day with Respawn's shooter gets us closer to figuring out whether it can live up to the promise.

FeatureWhere are the Xbox One role-playing games?

Phil Spencer on the Xbox One launch lineup, Japan and more.

Digital FoundryDigital Foundry vs. Respawn: the Titanfall interview

Xbox One, the cloud, the Source Engine - and the 1080p60 question.

Digital FoundryTech Analysis: Titanfall

Digital Foundry's take on the new shooter from developers who wrote the book on console 60fps gunplay.

FeatureHave traditional MMOs had their time?

And what do we make of the shared-world games and MOBAs that have risen up to replace them?

FeatureThe big interview: Microsoft Studio's Phil Spencer discusses Xbox One

On self-publishing, controversial connectivity and a long-term commitment to gamers.