Titan News

Blizzard's Titan unlikely to be a subscription MMO

"Re-envisioning what we want the game to be."

$175 BlizzCon 2013 tickets on sale in two batches later this month

$500 charity dinner tickets up for grabs, too.

Activision casts doubt on 2013 release for Bungie's Destiny

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Blizzard investigating product placement in next MMO

Does that mean present-day or near-future setting?

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Blizzard hiring for "unannounced game"

Work for the "newest game team".

Blizzard playing Titan MMO already

"It's a total ball," says Paul Sams.

Titan MMO won't be a Warcraft sequel

Blizzard: it's "completely new and fresh".

Blizzard confirms Titan MMO project

Looking for "best talent in the industry".