Time Crisis: Razing Storm


PlayStation Move Roundup

Guns! Sports! Kung Fu! TV Superstars.

VideoTime Crisis: Razing Storm coming to Move

Arcade light gun shooter gets a port to PS3.

VideoTime Crisis: Razing Storm coming to Move

Please don't ever play it like this.

PlayStation Move Roundup

PlayStation Move Roundup

Guns! Sports! Kung Fu! TV Superstars.

So here we are, 'tis the season, etc. This year, PlayStation Move is surely right at the top of the Christmas list of every game-loving child who already has a Wii and a DS and probably a Kinect.

With three months having passed since Sony's magic wagglestick launched, there's now quite a selection of Move titles on the shelves. But how are they shaping up? How does this batch of Move software compare to the second wave of Kinect titles reviewed recently?

Which, lest we forget or can't be bothered to click, was comprised of a sports mini-game compilation, a tedious new instalment in an ancient franchise, a poor-quality rip-off of said instalment, a mediocre "lifestyle" title and a game which made you jerk your arms about like a short-circuiting robot.

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Time Crisis PS Move game dated

Blap blap blap blap blap!

On-rails shooter series Time Crisis is baaaack. New instalment Razing Storm - which works with PlayStation Move and everything - launches on 5th November.