Thrillville: Off the Rails

Riskiest games most rewarding

Taking chances pays off - Braben

Frontier boss David Braben has urged publishers to remember that taking a chance on an unproven game can often lead to mountains of money.

Thrillville: Off the Rails

Theme parks may be great places to visit, but they're rubbish places to work. Theme park jobs are invariably and endlessly tedious. They can also be quite dangerous as you'll know if, say, you spent the summer of 1997 selling hot dogs in a US theme park which you can't name for legal reasons, and can recall how they sent the British staff climbing up the rollercoaster tracks to check for cracks. Apparently they were better at this than American employees because their travel insurance included medical cover and they were less likely to sue.

There are no signs of track cracks or ethically unsound working practices in Thrillville: Off the Rails, so you'll be disappointed if you're after a realistic theme park game. But happily there's little tedium either, which means it's an enjoyable theme park game.

To be specific it's a theme park management game, but that's not all. Just like the original Thrillville, which was released last year, Off the Rails is also a rollercoaster-building game. And it's a collection of mini-games - more than 30 this time around. It's available for PS2, PSP, Xbox 360, DS and Wii, and we got to review the latter version.

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Frontier's David Braben

On Thrillville, The Outsider, and defining "next-gen".

David Braben doesn't mince his words. He believes Theme Park-style games are as fashionable as shooters, and that we haven't seen a truly next-generation game yet.

Thrillville sequel unearthed

Thrillville sequel unearthed

Activision goes Off the Rails.

Activision has confirmed it will be publishing Thrillville: Off the Rails in Europe.

It's an sequel to last year's theme park simulation that will be appearing on Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PSP and PC. Frontier Developments will be handling the majority of development again, with DC Studios queuing up to build a DS version.

A European date is yet to be announced, although those of you in the US should expect it in October.

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