This War of Mine: The Little Ones

This War of Mine remains a striking, if limited, exploration of civilian wartime survival. Compelling and gritty, it needles deep.

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It's been three years since powerful civilian war survival game This War of Mine put Polish developer 11 bit Studios on the map. To celebrate, a new series of Stories downloadable content will be released, starting today and continuing in 2018.

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UPDATE: 11 bit says Dreamtime is its next big thing.

UPDATE 24TH AUGUST: 11 bit Studios has told me Dreamtime (and Project 8, a name seen in some places) is a working title for the company's next big thing. Former Witcher developer Artur Ganszyniec is leading a team making something "totally different" to games 11 bit has done before, senior marketing manager Karol Zajączkowski told me. But until Frostpunk is finished and released we won't hear anything more.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered is now free on PlayStation Plus

Day of the Tentacle Remastered is now free on PlayStation Plus

Along with The Swindle, Titan Souls, and This War of Mine.

January's PlayStation Plus freebies, the Instant Game Collection, has been released and it includes Day of the Tentacle Remastered.

Between now and 7th February, you can snag the HD remake of Tim Schafer's classic time-traveling point-and-click adventure game on PS4 and Vita.

"Now or maybe even two hundred years in the tentacle future, it'll still be a fine answer if you ever find yourself asked what's the best adventure game of all time," said Eurogamer contributor Richard Cobbett in his glowing Day of the Tentacle Remastered review.

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What happens when you go up against Minecraft? What happens when you dare suggest gaming's golden child not belong in the classroom, then call it "a gimmick", then say "we need to drain the swamp of gimmicks"? It does not involve being sent nice flowers I'll tell you that.

This War of Mine receives free anniversary DLC

As a thank you for changing 11 bit Studios' life.

As a thank you for your studio-changing support, 11 bit Studios has released a chunk of new content for This War of Mine. It comes as part of an Anniversary Edition retail release of the game but will be given as free DLC on PC. It will come to PS4 and Xbox One in the future but at the moment 11 bit Studios will say no more than that.

This War of Mine dev unveils "deeply serious" new game Frostpunk

This War of Mine dev unveils "deeply serious" new game Frostpunk

"We're putting human nature under a microscope."

11 bit Studios, creator of This War of Mine, has finally unveiled the game it has been whispering about for a year: Frostpunk. This is the studio's big new game, its biggest ever - the 11 bit game I wrote about recently using its codename Industrial.

Still the details are thin but we know Frostpunk will be about humans surviving on a frozen world using steam-powered technology (AKA steampunk, hence Frostpunk). What lengths will they go to? What lengths will you go to? Sounds a bit like This War of Mine.

Frostpunk is based in strategy and management but uses empathy and decision making as the core mechanics rather than resource management and optimisation. It isn't clear how this works.

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More details about This War of Mine studio's new game Industrial

More details about This War of Mine studio's new game Industrial

"We want people to quit the game and stare at the wall..."

Industrial, the codenamed next game from This War of Mine team 11 bit Studios, will be officially revealed around PAX Prime in early September, and released second quarter 2017.

"That's the moment when we're going to announce that, finally, after months of being silent we will be ready to tell you what the game's about," Karol Zajaczkowski, RR & marketing manager, told me at Polish conference Digital Dragons 2016.

We haven't heard much about 11 bit's new game since I talked with Zajaczkowski a year ago. Back then he suggested we would hear more in autumn 2015 but we obviously did not.

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Don't hold your breath for This War of Mine Little Ones content on PC

"I'm afraid we're too small to do everything at once."

This War of Mine arrives on PS4 and Xbox One today, and includes new content called The Little Ones. This introduces children to the game, via various parent-and-child campaigns, and they bring with them a few new mechanics and give the game a sense of heart. That's what I wrote in my review.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones review

My daughter is useless and annoying, a drain on my limited resources with no redeeming factor. She needs attention and food, but she can't use workbenches, she can't clear rubble, can't cook, can't guard, can't scavenge. She's a luxury I cannot afford. She's inefficient.

This is how This War of Mine makes you think. Characters are cogs in a machine that has no margin for error. This is base-building with no comfort. Your shelter may have advanced, weeks into your survival, but there will always be a resource required for consumables that you can't create, so you will have to scavenge, and it's dangerous out there. If - or when - people die, you won't mourn them out of love: you'll mourn your loss of efficiency.

This War of Mine: The Little Ones

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