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Tetris Splash

Tetris Splash

Smells fishy.

Improving on a classic is never easy. It always involves risk as there's a strong possibility you'll destroy what made the original so great. So how do you make something already brilliant even better? How do you offer something new without ruining the magic?

We won't pretend to have the answer, but we can tell you this: ways to improve on a classic do not include sticking it in an aquarium and adding a couple of fish. And then trying to sell people extra fish, even though you've already charged them GBP 6.80 for a game that's more than 20 years old. Welcome to the rubbishy underwater world of Tetris Splash.

The gameplay is the same, at least in theory. Coloured blocks drop down from the top of the screen and you re-orientate and position them to form lines. Each time you form a complete line it disappears. The more lines you clear, the faster the blocks fall, until it all becomes impossibly frantic and the screen fills up with blocks entirely, and it's game over, and you have another go even though you really ought to be doing something else like going to bed or work or a funeral.

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