Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends

Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends Review

This is an import review of the North American version of Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends. It has no UK release date at present. See 'Import Exotics' in the sidebar for more.

Enzo Ferrari was a man dedicated to his creations, and often to a fault. Popular myth has it that the Old Man's stock response when hearing that another of his men had expired behind the wheel was a quick and emotionless enquiry as to how the car had fared in the accident. For Enzo, it sometimes seemed the driver was just another component, as disposable as a spark plug or camshaft.

It's a dedication that Slightly Mad's Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends is faithful to, and a trait that's at once maddening and thrilling as players are left sprawling in an all-too-often frustrating tangle. But it also manages to distill the essence of the prancing horse, even if it can never truly tame it.

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