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The wide hole world.

I like to think of the Albino Antlion Memorial Highway as a grand public work in the Victorian, or perhaps even Roman, tradition. For miles and miles it chisels a clean, unbroken line across the sky, taking me from the dwindling forests of my base camp to the ragged sands of the frontier. The highway's made of dirt and of stone, with occasional glinting chunks of glass thrown in for good measure, and, like most modern highways, it was put in place because there was something nearby that its architects wished to avoid.

In this case - you guessed it - that was the barking, spitting, uber-aggressive albino antlions that lurk just beneath it. It's a shame, really, that such a vast project terminates, for the time being, a little short of its genuine destination, with a weird stump of rock and a gravestone marking the spot where I was agitated into squishy pieces by a wandering swarm of vultures.

The mad thing about Terraria - which has finally made the leap from PCs to Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Store with this lovely new port - isn't that it encourages you to construct a highway across a good chunk of one of its procedurally-generated worlds. It's that it gives you the tools and the context to allow you to essentially invent highways, organically and from scratch. You'll build them because you need them, and only afterwards will you reflect, "Oh, I guess that was a highway."

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We need to go deeper.

I think that Terraria has a bottom.

I'm not sure, because I've never reached it. I think I've got close, when the dirt has given way to ash before giving away to a vastness of nothing, but by that point I was being harried by fire imps and vertigo, and death was my next experience, not discovery.

There's another reason I'm sure. It's because Terraria is so full of stuff and things and all sorts that there's not really a reason to dig down that far. It's about your lateral movement rather than your vertical. It's about leaving whatever hovel you've created and heading out into the great beyond - because you know whatever you find, it's going to be interesting.

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