Temple Run 2

12 months have passed since the glory of London 2012. Jessica Ennis is now appearing in skin care ads. Olympic Park is being dismantled, and gold medallist Usain Bolt is now available to purchase as a playable character in endless runner Temple Run 2.

Temple Run 2 review

Temple Run 2 review

Idol thumbs.

If Franz Kafka had been around to see video games, the infinite runner would be his genre of choice.

Canabalt, the title that single-handedly invented the smartphone-friendly single-button running genre in 2009, had a visual palette limited to dreary greys - rather suited to an apocalyptic game that invariably ends in your death.

In 2011, Temple Run took Canabalt's forever-running blueprint and installed it in a colourful 3D world where you recreate the opening scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark over and over again. Like Professor Jones, the protagonist of Temple Run is trying to escape with a sacred idol looted from an ancient ruin. Unlike Professor Jones' adventure, however, there ultimately is no escape - you will always die, and the reason for playing again is just to get a little farther before your grim demise. Somewhere, Kafka chuckles.

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Temple Run 2 is out today for free

After the first one was downloaded over 170 million times.

The sequel to wildly popular free-running iOS game Temple Run is heading to the App Store today. In fact, it's already up in New Zealand where it's free (thanks, TouchArcade).