Teleglitch review

Teleglitch review

Do not adjust your set.

It starts with desperation. Alone in some lost room in a research complex, empty cans littering the cluttered floor, each one another ration you've devoured, pushing you closer to starvation. Pick them up; they'll come in handy. Then leave, because there's nothing left here, especially not safety. You push aside the debris that was so hastily used to create a barricade. You clutch your 9mm pistol in your hand, and you venture out into the corridors.

Teleglitch achieves horror at a low resolution, with just a few pixels for the player character and often only a few more for your enemies. It's a roguelike wearing the skin of a twin-stick shooter. Your task is always the same, no matter what level you're on: get to the next teleporter. Escape. Survive.

This is no jolly Spelunky, where you're bounding through cheerful tombs and caves in an effort to fill your own coffers. Bad things have happened here, and you're the only being whose brain isn't a microchipped, reanimated chunk of meat with a violent temperament.

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