Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Features

FeatureMr. Tekken: Behind the shades of the franchise chief

Harada-san on telling his bosses DLC should be free, fan abuse and why he might be next to collapse.

Katsuhiro Harada is Mr. Tekken. That much is clear simply from the way he strides onto the stage. He's clad in a leather jacket and thick black shades, even in the pitch darkness of the cinema auditorium.

Last month I packed my rucksack with the usual assortment of travelling essentials and made my second pilgrimage to the Eurogamer Expo. And while travelling from the UK's most southerly county isn't exactly cheap or hassle-free, the level of gaming opulence on offer made it worth the while.

FeatureBeginner's Guide: Fighting Games

The ultimate combo ice breaker.

In theory, fighting games should be one of the easiest genres to define - it's pretty much all there in the title. Two people trade karate chops, dragon punches and flying kicks until one is knocked unconscious or mercilessly killed, the only real complication coming from the clicking timer (fighters tend to suffer a cardiac arrest if they break the 60 second rule, you see.)