Face-Off: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 on Wii U

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 hits Nintendo's shiny new console with a bang: the Wii U edition comes loaded with all of the hidden characters and stages of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions completely unlocked from the get-go, along with a range of tasty Nintendo-themed additions supplying some obligatory fan service. There are also a number of gameplay and balance tweaks, making the Wii U Edition the most complete version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 available by far.

So on the content side, we're covered. But how well does the Wii U game stand up to its 360 and PS3 counterparts on a technical level, bearing in mind the conversions of mixed quality we've seen since Nintendo's new machine launched a few weeks ago?

Based on first impressions, not much appears to have changed. We find that the same rendering set-up is used, with a dynamic framebuffer employed, adjusting the resolution on the fly according to the rendering load. In order to maintain the target 60FPS update as closely as possible, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 aims to operate in native 720p but drops down as low as 700x720 (with 800x720 and 900x720 also being seen) when there are two characters on screen performing tag-team combos with motion blur enabled.

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sells 840,000

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 sells 840,000

SoulCalibur 5 nears 1.4m sold.

Fighting game Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is nearing one million sales.

It shifted 840,000 copies in Europe and Japan up to the end of September 2012, Namco revealed in its financial report. The game launched in early September, so that figure relates to only a few weeks on sale.

With the game due to launch on Wii U soon, TTT2 should hit the million mark - a total that will please the money men at the Japanese publisher.

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Tekken Wii U: 60fps, low image latency

Touchscreen controller as a strategy guide.

Tekken on Wii U will run at 60fps, has impressive image latency, and will make use of the console's touchscreen controller in interesting ways, designer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed.

How Tekken Vita may work

Harada teases unannounced game.

Namco Bandai announced new Tekken games for the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS at last week's E3 2011 trade show but what about PS Vita?