Tekken 7 News

Tekken 7 storms past 7m sales

Punching above its weight.

Sony co-buys fighting game tournament Evo

No mention of Smash Bros. in this year's event.

Here are the next two DLC fighters coming to Tekken 7

"A new contender is set to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament!"

Tekken 7 pre-order bonus Eliza now standalone DLC

Plus, 10 free Taiko items out now.

Tekken 7 delayed to June

Eliza is a pre-order bonus. PS4 version has exclusive stuff.

Tekken 7 gets Bob and Master Raven

Watch their debut trailers.

Tekken / Galaga crossover is real

UPDATE: Out now in Europe.

Tekken 7 reveals Saudi Arabian character Shaheen

Less outlandish than Lucky Chloe.

Tekken 7's chief developer doesn't take kindly to mixed Lucky Chloe reaction

"Hello small world. I'll make muscular & skinhead character for you."

Tekken 7's latest new character is a breakdancing catgirl

Lucky Chloe sets the cat amongst the pigeons.

Tekken 7 announced with teaser trailer

The Mishimas are at each other's throats. Again.