Tales from the Borderlands Features

It's a well known fact that most movies based on video games are rubbish. As it turns out, it's not an angry bald man with a red tie that made Hitman cool, but rather the feeling of pulling off the perfect simulated murder. It wasn't the nightmare nurses or occult story that made Silent Hill a hit, but the oppressive sense of dread as you navigated it twisted world. Doom wasn't amazing because of its demons on Mars, but rather because it let you obliterate said demons on Mars. There is one video game movie that gets this right, however, only we don't think about it as it's technically still a video game.

Having not played much Borderlands and only having cursory knowledge of the series, I approached Tales From the Borderlands at this E3 with a bit of apprehension. Sure, it would offer fan service to veterans of Gearbox's open-world shooting series, but two games and a smattering of DLC hardly seems like the sort of inviting, expansive universe of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead or Bill Willingham's Fables series.