System Shock 2 News

Warren Spector talks about the story in System Shock 3

Suppose we're in spoiler territory here.

System Shock reboot launches Kickstarter campaign, offers free demo

UPDATE: It's a success with 17 days to spare.

Warren Spector joins System Shock 3 and Underworld Ascendent studio

OtherSide Entertainment snags the man behind both franchises.

About that System Shock 3 tease...

UPDATE: Project revealed and there's a whiff of virtual reality about it.

System Shock remake is in development

New rights owner Night Dive is "having some conversations" about a third game.

System Shock 2, Riddick and Banished free when spending in GOG Big Fall Sale

SpaceChem 70 pence! SimCity 2000 and Sensible World of Soccer Ł1.50!

System Shock 2 was originally known as Junction Point

So says the original pitch document.