Syndicate Videos

Digital FoundrySyndicate 360/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The Xbox 360 version of the Starbreeze reboot up against the PC game.

Digital FoundrySyndicate PS3/PC Face-Off Comparison Video

The console version of Starbreeze's reboot compared against PC.

Digital FoundrySyndicate PS3/360 Face-Off Comparison Video

Starbreeze's FPS re-imagining of the classic PC game compared on HD consoles.

Digital FoundrySyndicate Cut-Scene Performance Analysis Video

Like-for-like scenes from Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot analysed on PS3 and 360.

Digital FoundrySyndicate Gameplay Performance Analysis Video

PS3 and Xbox 360 gameplay excerpts analysed with Digital Foundry tools.

VideoSyndicate launch trailer blasts out the dubstep

Riddick dev's new shooter fires into shops next week.

VideoExclusive Syndicate demo gameplay footage

Trial version available now.

VideoSyndicate four-player co-op demo trailer

Western Europe campaign map coming soon to PSN, Xbox Live.

VideoNew Syndicate co-op trailer

Play with each other.

VideoThe technology of Syndicate trailer

High-tech shooter reboot coming February.

VideoSyndicate Agent Tools trailer

The futuristic weapons and tools.

VideoSyndicate four-player co-op trailer

Assemble your syndicate.

Video10 minutes of Syndicate gameplay

Shooter reboot a chip off the old block.

VideoSyndicate trailer gets reminiscent

Original and reboot compared.

VideoFresh Syndicate footage shoots in

Starbreeze FPS due in February.